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 Princeville Makai Golf Club
No. 5 – Par 5

Birdie is possible at Princeville Makai’s par-5 5th

Get an insider’s tip on how to play the well-designed par-5 5th hole at Princeville Makai Golf Club from golf writer Mike Dauplaise. (Image courtesy of Mike Dauplaise)

How would you play it?


No. 5 – Par 5

This is a fun and often-frustrating hole. A shortish par-5 would seem to be ripe for the taking, wouldn’t it? Maybe, maybe not. This hole can play dead into the wind when the trade winds are blowing, making the second and third shots problematic. The large green complex is framed by bunkers and produces its share of three-putts.

Left-center in the fairway offers the shortest distance and best angle to the green on this slight dogleg left, but stray too far left and you’re dead. A framing bunker sits on the right side of the landing area and catches shots that take too safe of a line.

After the tee shot is when your decision making becomes important. Go for the green and come up short, and you’ll leave yourself with an uphill third from a long, unmown valley or one of a series of deep bunkers right of the green. The fairway follows a plateau down the right side of the hole and away from the green.

Your approach becomes shorter the farther you progress down the fairway along the plateau. Pay attention to the pin position, because hole locations that hug the right side of the green bring those right-side bunkers into play and make it imperative to carry your approach all the way to the putting surface. There is a sliver of fairway across the valley to the left that provides a safer route into the green, but it is a very small target compared to the relative expanse of the right-side plateau.

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