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Ride the Wind to Find This Poipu Bay Green

This #TipTuesday brings you an insider’s tip on how to play the 17th hole at Poipu Bay Golf Course from golf writer Mike Dauplaise of Prime Golf Destinations. How would you play it? (Image courtesy of Poipu Bay Golf Course)
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Poipu Bay Golf Course
No. 17 – Par 3


The elevated tee and downwind direction take some of the bite out of this pretty little hole. With the sound of the nearby waves in your ear, gear down a club or two to find this green. A lofted hybrid is a common club selection, as it provides the height needed to clear the bunker on the front right and still hold the green. Stronger players can reach the green with a middle iron.

A hazard that begins in front of the tee and follows the hole along the left side can come into play, although it’s far enough away from the target that it typically is nothing more than a visual enhancement to the hole. 

A bunker guarding the left side of the green helps keep wayward shots from bouncing into a stand of thick vegetation. There is room over the green for recovery shots.

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