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Hit It Low into the Wind on Poipu Bay’s 4th

This #TipTuesday brings you an insider’s tip on how to play the 4th hole at Poipu Bay Golf Course from golf writer Mike Dauplaise of Prime Golf Destinations. How would you play it? (Image courtesy of Patrick Koenig)

Poipu Bay Golf Course
No. 4 – Par 4


Hope you practiced your knock-down shots on the practice range, because having a low-trajectory swing in your bag comes in handy on this stretch of holes into the wind at Poipu Bay. The fourth is not a long hole, yet it ranks as one of the most difficult on the front nine.

A large bunker on the right side of the landing area juts out into the fairway to create a cross-bunker effect. There is ample room up the left side, and fewer trees there with less mounding add to the attraction away from that bunker.

The fairway angles slightly right for the second shot, with the prominent feature being a large mound and bunker short and right of the green. There is bailout room pin-high beyond the bunker for your chipping pleasure.

Take plenty of club for your approach, grip down a bit and swing easily. Remember that the harder you swing, the more spin you impart on the ball and the more likely it is to balloon up into the wind. Par is a good score on any hole into the wind.

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